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19 Mars, 2015
Eglise Saint Joseph

Grande célébration à Saint Joseph

Learn about the early years of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X in this first video of a 2-part episode.

Following up on our FAQ video on "What is the SSPX?", we have just published a 2-part video briefly explaining "The History of the Society of St. Pius X". Complete with historic images and film footage, the video's resource page also offers links to further information about the SSPX.

The history of the Society of St. Pius X—like that of the Catholic Church as a whole—is a beautiful mystery. Both continue to flourish despite many setbacks and uncertainties. From its humble origins, the priestly society has grown exponentially and today proclaims the Catholic Faith throughout the world.

The scene opens during the post-Vatican II era of the Catholic Church and upon a retired Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre who is approached by several young men. Already there exists a crisis in the formation of priests and they are insistent that the archbishop (renowned for his defense of Tradition during the Council) help them to find a seminary where the doctrine of the Faith and traditional priesthood are still being faithfully transmitted.